Alessandra’s Fifth Month

If I ever wanted to pursue the career of a mom-blogger, I would fail miserably. Alessandra is only 5 months old and I am already a week late with the post commemorating and celebrating another month of her life.

This month was kinda rough on both of us. First time Ale got sick. First time I got sick when having a baby.  And of course, the dreaded 4 months sleep regression. I remember the week before Alessandra turned 4 months, I was waking up every morning, fresh as a rose, well-rested and ready to rock and roll and was thinking that I am getting way more sleep with a 3 months old baby than I was getting before.

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Alessandra’s Fourth Month

Wheeeeee! This was the sound of another month passing by and time to document the fact that my precious baby girl turned 4 months old today.

This was an important month for both of us – I went back to work and Alessandra started daycare. Yes, this early, because the maternity leave policies in the US are not what my European friends are used to and you consider yourself lucky if your company allows 12 weeks of leave (half of it is unpaid). The decision to go back to work was not an easy one for me, but after a lot of back and forth in my mind and in conversations with my family and friends I decided to give it a try  – and so far it has been a good ride. Alessandra is enjoying being among people and I am enjoying an opportunity to dress up, to blast music in the car on my way to work and to gossip with my colleagues over a cup of coffee.

The daycare Ale goes to is a nice small place just a mile away from our house. There are 5 babies in her class including her, 2 teachers and 1 assistant. Every day we receive a report through an app on our phones about how her day was eating and sleeping wise – and they also upload the photos of all the fun stuff they do there. They already celebrated St.Patrick’s day and Easter, and Ale was posing in a green hat (I cracked up when I saw a pic) and also starred as an Easter Bunny among the little chickens (I teared up when I saw a pic).  She has also received her first invitation to her first birthday party. This kid is going to be a party animal, I am telling ya.

A week after Alessandra was born and I was still in a total haze, a friend who was just 4 months ahead of me in her motherhood told me that I need to aim to restoring my sense of normalcy. This became my mantra and my lifesaving vest. Able to take a long hot shower and put a hair mask on? One step towards having the normalcy of your life. Having your nails done every three weeks as you used to? Another step towards normalcy of your life. Watching the movies Sunday night with Igor over a glass of wine? This is how life used to be – normalcy restored. Making crepes for breakfast on Sunday? If this does not say normalcy, then I don’t know what does.:) Little by little things get more under control – and even though I already learned not to take it for granted – as life with a baby is unpredictable – I also learned to savor and enjoy those moments.

I might not have been swept off my feet with the motherly love the moment she was born, but it’s amazing how I physically feel my love for her growing day over day. This blonde grey-eyed baby is stealing my heart piece by piece and I am eagerly giving it up.

Alessandra’s Third Month

In the early days of my pregnancy I read an article about the fourth trimester, which is basically the most difficult time in a life of the newborn and her parents. This is the time of great adjustment and struggle, when the baby adjusts to living outside the womb in a world full of new senses, smells, sounds, feelings and emotions. And parents adjust to the  new addition to the family, new sleep routine (or lack thereof :D), learning how to take care of the baby and how to cope with avalanche of emotions that come along with the baby.

Well, guess what… We made it!!! Alessandra is 3 months old today which means our fourth trimester is officially over!

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Alessandra’s Second Month

And before I knew it, another month passed by. Alessandra is 2 months old today and I am proud of making it through another month, mostly sane and keeping Ale a happy and healthy baby.

She changed and learned a lot during the second month of her life. She is no longer a newborn caterpillar but looks more and more like a little girl. She smiles a lot, coos and talks and giggles when she manages to grab her Daddy by the nose or when I tickle her belly. She is very polite and when hungry, she will give you many opportunities to fix this mistake before it’s too late. But if you decided to take your sweet time instead of responding to her cues – beware. The Voice. THE Voice!

Overall, life has become more predictable – I guess they don’t lie when they tell you it’s getting better with the time. Alessandra figured the difference between day and night (with our help) and I am no longer a zombie, just a regular sleep-deprived woman. We introduced the bottle and now we can be out with her for several hours without me needing to whip my breasts out to nurse. And two days ago she even stayed with her babysitter as we enjoyed the date night just two of us.

Now how  this month felt to me.

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Alessandra’s First Month

I’ve always heard people saying “Time flies” when it came to kids. Well, today I am the one saying it about my own baby because she turned 1 month today. This really feels surreal because it seems it was yesterday when we rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night to soon meet our little girl.

Not planning to be a mom-blogger, I’m writing this down just to read it years later and laugh, cry and feel nostalgic. So, here is how Alessandra’s first month of life felt to me.

Turns out they don’t call the first few weeks “survival marathon” for nothing. Sleepless, clueless, stressed – this is how I would describe my first two weeks. What helped me through and what I’m thankful for beyond words is my friends circle. I honestly don’t know how some of you still didn’t block me on WhatsApp or Gtalk after my endless messages with endless questions. The amount of advice (solicited) support, consolation, experience sharing I received has been and is amazing and I am thankful beyond words for having this luxury. If it takes a village to raise the child, my online village is here to help me:)

Turns out…

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Oh boy, what a year it has been…

Literally next day after my last blog post my life has changed forever as we learned we were expecting a baby. These wonderful news were immediately followed by the news of my dad passing away unexpectedly . When I say “immediately”, I mean within an hour. So, you can imagine the emotional rollercoaster I got on – and honestly still riding it.

2017 was a challenging year. Challenging physically, as my pregnancy wasn’t an easy one and took its toll on me. Challenging emotionally as I learned to deal with a loss of the parent and get used to the fact that soon I’ll become a parent myself. Challenging work-wise, as the moment I thought I finally got it the way I wanted and loved, things started changing and transforming again. Challenging personally as I started discovering new parts and sides of me.

In 2017 I got yet closer to the USA and now can officially call this country my home. Something for 2017 to be remembered by as well.

Despite all the jazz we still travelled. (Of course we did!). The itinerary for 2017 looked like this: New York, New York, Aruba, Seattle, New York again (didn’t happen though), Miami, France, Monaco, Switzerland and a bit of Austria, Italy, Germany and Liechtenstein in between. Haven’t been far from home since October (obviously) and am getting antsy to resume globe trotting next year – this time as a family of three. 🙂

Thinking of resolutions for 2017 – I honestly don’t have any. If there is one thing 2017 taught me, it’s that you can have it planned and envisioned all you want, but nature can throw a wrench and all your plans will evaporate and you better learn to adapt. So actually my resolution is to become less of a control freak. I think I had the same resolution for 2016 and 2017 too, which already says a lot about me keeping up with my resolutions.:)

And resume writing.

And travel.

And have fun.

And be a mom my sweet little Alessandra Olivia can enjoy and be proud of.

Happy New Year, friends! I wish for 2018 to become your best year so far!