Saturday Night Live from Washington D.C.

More than 13 years ago I first stepped my foot on Washington D.C. soil being a scared exchange student from Ukraine. A year later as I was buckling up ready for the flight back home, I was silently promising myself I would never be back,  under no circumstances. Today I raised a glass  of some fancy pineapple infused vodka cocktail to celebrate how happy I am to be living here in Washington D.C. area.

Life has the strangest ways, huh?
In New York I pick up my pace and work elbows. In Paris I want to wear scarf more often than I normally do. In Miami I wish I were few pounds smaller. In Washington D.C. I feel just right. Honestly, anybody would. It’s mix of styles, colors, accents, attitudes, including no style, no attitude and not giving a shit. The city is  not huge, and you can blend in with tourists hanging out at the Reflection Pool or blend in with locals  queueing for Georgetown Cupcake (something I never imagine myself doing because for God’s sake, what’s in those cupcakes that you have to stand in line for an hour?) all within couple miles walk.


Regardless of how many times I strolled the D.C. streets,  there are still new places to discover. Tonight we spent the evening in a nice little place called City Center D.C.  We had dinner at De Frisco, which was overpriced, if you ask me (and the waiter obviously lost interest in us after he figures we were just in for couple of appetizers and a dessert), but the pineapple infused vodka drink and the  nice view over the city made it kinda worthwhile.

I sometimes fail to realize how lucky I am to have all I have. But when I do, I feel it full speed. Tonight is one of those times.



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