Spirit of Aloha

My birthday trip this year is Hawaii – even though it’s happening couple weeks too early, but it really does not mater – I am enjoying every single second of it. And it’s not even the amazing turquoise Pacific Ocean or stunning landscapes – though them too – it’s the general feeling of being relaxed and not wanting to rush anywhere but savor every minute no matter what you do. The time difference definitely contributes  – we are 12 hours behind Ukraine and Finland, and 5 hours behind Virginia – we feel so detached, so isolated and so free.  For some reason Hawaii makes you want to slow down – but it’s good slow, not the “lazy butt” slow, but “I want to be here and now “slow.Hey, my husband doesn’t even speed up when the traffic lights turn yellow to still make it – this is how relaxed it is here:).

Surprisingly despite such a laid back attitude we are having here, we’ve already done so much in less than 5 days we are here. We went around half of the island to see its less sassy side, we snorkeled around the wonderful reef, we attended traditional Hawaiian dinner party – luau, went to another island, saw a live volcano,  drove miles through lava desert, climbed through the jungles of orchids and watched the sun going into the ocean.
Believe it or not the beach at the sunset is crowded as much as it is during the day, if not more. People just watch the magic of  huge red sphere going slowly into the silky waters of Pacific and once it’s gone, everybody starts clapping and cheering. After all, it’s really one of the best shows Mother Nature has for us.

I’ve always been a multitasker and have always been looking for the ways to fit more things in less time. It made me fast, productive, felt accomplished, control-freak and burned out. Then the cycle starts again. Now sitting on the balcony with the view to die for, watching the waves rolling on the beach, I’m thinking (again, haha!) that it’s not the only way to live. Truth be told, I’ve thought of it before. But maybe this time around it sticks for  a little bit longer.

“Aloha!” in Hawaiian means “Hello” and “Goodbye”, but it also means “Love” and “Spirit of Life” and “Good Energy”. When there is so much of this all here in this wonderful island, life just cannot be anything else but peaceful and fulfilled.

Aloha to all of you!


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