Latte It Be!

Starbucks coffee cups

Few month ago Starbucks has introduced the possibility to order the drink online and just come pick it up at the store you selected.  This is very handy hands down. Those of you who are getting their caffeine fix every morning before going to work know how crowded it can get when 5 office buildings are lining up in one Starbucks shop across the street. With the online ordering you just click couple buttons 10 minutes before the pick up – et voila, your coffee is readily waiting for you just as you come in.

Since I’m usually not a technology pioneer, I never tried this option until this past Monday when I was running a bit late for a morning meeting and wanted to get my tall-extra-hot-coconut-milk-cappuccino before that. There were at least 25 people inside waiting in line, and if I didn’t order in advance, I would either be late  or slowpoke during that meeting.

Later that day I got to thinking how technology has been slowly (or not so slowly) but steadily eliminating the personal interaction. Continue reading