Wisdom Of The Week

Earlier this spring, after I did what I hate the most  – put away my winter clothes and took out my summer clothes, washed and ironed everything  and hanged them in the closet – the next item on my household to-do list was to  have couple of my coats and blazers dry cleaned. The dry cleaners I have been using all along are located literally 10 minutes  away from my house, but it’s off my daily route – which meant I had to intentionally go there.

This has been pending for good 6 weeks, because I am either busy or lazy. There are my two main modi operandi.

Last morning picking up my coffee from Starbucks I – after 2.5 years of working in this building – realized that there is a dry cleaner right there and they are open very early in the morning. All I had to do was to grab my coats as I exited the house this morning and drop them off before my Starbucks run. So I did, feeling happy I didn’t have to take an extra trip.

Lesson of the week: always look around, the familiar paths might not be the best ones.

So, I dropped my stuff off, got my receipt for pickup and later in the day bragged to my husband about my discovery.

“How much did you pay?” he asked. He’s been  living in the U.S. way longer than I have and knows a bit better how things here work

I looked at the receipt. Twice as much as I would pay in my regular dry clean.

Lesson of the week #2. Time is money. Especially in the U.S.


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