June 2016 Or My Summer Bucket List Half Done



Couple days ago it was end of May and I was going to write a post about my plans for the summer. Next thing I knew it was almost mid-July. It definitely says a lot about how organized of a blogger I am. It also says how fast time flies.

This year I decided to come up with the summer bucket list – not that I am thinking it’s gonna be my last summer, but I wanted to make sure I enjoy it and not let it sink in the routine. When I shared the list with my husband, he said it looked like a fly-lady to do list: clean this, declutter that, dry-clean everything else. I  gave it another try and came up with few things that were actually fun. Now that June is gone and July is almost at the mid-point, I realized that I hit quite a few items on my list:

  • Went to the winery – had amazing time there celebrating Father’s day, doing nothing sipping rosé and enjoying good food.
  • Went on a camping trip – which was fun and  a disaster at the same time, because it was too hot to be sleeping in the tent, too many mosquitoes – even one is too many for me, but on the other hand….
  • Saw a sunset over the Atlantic – twice
  • Took a macro-photo of sea-shells
  • Ate barbeque meat straight off the fire – all this happened when camping
  • Enjoyed a glass of rosé  (yes, there was some rosé involved past month) and cheese plate at the open terrace wine bar in Reston arguing with my husband about the built-in oven in out future house
  • Had dinner at our balcony – that was in the beginning on June, now it’s way too hot and humid to stay there for longer than 5 minutes.
  • Blowed soap bubbles. The idea was to do it in the park. The reality was I blew them in the office, being so stressed that I needed breathing exercises and my friend handed me a bottle of soap. Worked very well!
  • Ate a lobster. Very nice dinner at Morton’s the other Friday.
  • Went to Miami and had a blast waking up at 5:45 am to see the sunrise, to walk  miles along the beach, to get caught by the tropical storm all by myself, to swim in the calmest and warmest ocean – all by myself again and feel the gratitude overflow to the universe.
  • Read 4 books.
  • Couraged up and organized a meet-up in Reston for expats.
  • Went on a 21 km bike ride.
  • God, almost forgot… How could I? Went to the best concert of my life so far – Sting and Peter Gabriel. It’s hard to convey what amazing energy was there and how out of this world I felt being amidst it all.

Looking back, June 2016 was amazing despite all the work craziness. My hopes for July and August are high too. Will let you know:)


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