Walk Down The Memory Lane



It’s been a while now since Facebook has introduced “Earlier on this day” feature or whatever it is called when you see posts from your past on your timeline. Being pretty slow when it comes to latest features and updates I didn’t even care for seeing my own posts from the past until lately.

Here’s what I have to say. Continue reading


Baby, It’s Hot Outside…



June was fresh and warm and fast and eventful. July was long, stressful  and very, VERY hot. So hot that you start seeing double after just couple miles of bike ride. So hot that your ice-cream melts before you manage to take the first bite if you step outside the ice-cream place. So hot that the alternative of staying at home on Saturday and doing the big cleaning seems more exciting than going outside for a picnic.

I didn’t do much from  my Summer Bucket List in July. My excuse is craziness at work and craziness outside with temperatures steadily hitting close to 100F/34C. Here are few things I will remember about July 2016. Continue reading