Baby, It’s Hot Outside…



June was fresh and warm and fast and eventful. July was long, stressful  and very, VERY hot. So hot that you start seeing double after just couple miles of bike ride. So hot that your ice-cream melts before you manage to take the first bite if you step outside the ice-cream place. So hot that the alternative of staying at home on Saturday and doing the big cleaning seems more exciting than going outside for a picnic.

I didn’t do much from  my Summer Bucket List in July. My excuse is craziness at work and craziness outside with temperatures steadily hitting close to 100F/34C. Here are few things I will remember about July 2016.

  1. I read a lot this month – 5 new  books under the belt.
  2. I didn’t dare to have my nails painted in mint color.
  3. We went on a bike ride just once and very soon regretted it altogether.
  4. We spent 3 weekends out of 4 on the beach, has 17 wild ponies chilling right next to us, got sunburned twice.
  5. I cooked something I’ve never cooked before – Salmon strudel and peach pie (twice). It might seem weird that I was in the kitchen so much when it was so hot, but trust me, being by the oven inside the house still felt chillier than being outside.
  6. I moved my exercising back to the gym – for the same “too hot outside” reason.
  7. I went to the movies (by now you know why).
  8. I was supposed to go to a party late Friday night, decided to lay down and read a bit before heading out – and woke up soon after midnight, not knowing what year it is and having dozen of missed calls and texts from friends who were wondering where the heck I was. Note to self: never start drinking BEFORE the party when it is SO HOT outside.
  9. Did huge spring cleaning. Yep, in July. It was hot outside to do anything else.
  10. Indulged into a huge pile of boiled crabs (allegedly best in the area) and I think I’m ok not eating crabs for another life.

I won’t miss July this year. Looking forward to August to bring chill and breeze on all life levels.


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