When The Universe Is Trying To Tell You Something…


I spend last year and a half looking for another job.

There were a handful of reasons for me to do so. I felt there was no room for me to grow in my current position, I felt I mastered it all and was just wasting my brain on a transactional stuff a monkey could do.  I felt I’ve overgrown my salary, and most importantly my working style and the one of my direct manager didn’t align very well. Being an HR professional I know you should not vent too much about your manager online, so let’s just say it didn’t click.

During these 1,5 years I have been to literally dozens of interviews. God knows how many times I was the final candidate. I once had company CEO calling me after the interview letting me know how impressed they were. I was once shown my office-to-be and introduced to direct-reports-to-be. But everything was falling through. At first, I was cool about it, knowing it’s all a part of the process. Then I started being pissed. Then concerned. Then desperate. Then almost a wreck. Three years ago I found a job in a week having zero US working experience. Now I could not find a job in 1.5 years, having a good track record and managerial position with one of the industry giants.

My circle of support also went from encouraging to plain laughing every time I was telling them that yet another company picked someone else over me. We were contemplating on different reasons why this was happening. During the last months the most commonly agreed reason was “Someone made your voodoo doll”. When we would stop laughing and going through the list of people who might have made my voodoo doll, the most commonly agreed reason was “There is a reason why you should stay where you are, this is what Universe is trying to tell you.”

I was thinking hard, but could not think of any, so I just had to believe. One day I unsubscribed from LinkedIn for Job Search Pro version and removed a bunch of job searching apps from my phone. I needed a break, because I was having a breakdown. I could not stay where I was not I could not find anything else nor I could just quit for nothing, even though this scenario was looking more and more realistic.

Next week I got to know I was getting a new boss. Month after I met him. Few weeks later a friend I haven’t talked to for a while asked me about my job search and my first reaction was “What job search?”. It’s just amazing how one factor can turn around your whole perception of things. In a month I had more issues resolved than I had in almost 2 years. I learned and figured out more things than I previously could. My career growth path  – which I thought didn’t even exist – became much more clear and attainable, and my scope of work got so much more interesting, that last Friday my husband had to text me “It’s 5pm Friday, what are you doing in the office?” – this is how much I was carried away.

Last, but not least, I got my bonus for the crazily busy summer season. When I did some simple math, I saw that my bottom line for the year equaled my desired compensation in my potential new job.

And all of these things happened while I didn’t have to change a thing. Neither my perfect 12-minute long commute, nor my pretty flexible schedule nor the people in the office I like. All I needed to do was to let go.

I guess Universe was indeed sending me a message. There are plenty of doors and there’s absolutely no need to break your head knocking on the one that doesn’t want to open. There is definitely another one, closer to you and ready to open and show you a million wonderful things.


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