Christmas 2016

I almost missed the Christmas hassle this year – thank you, gentleman across the aisle on a plane from London, who was coughing his lungs out the entire flight.  My to-do list for December was 3 feet long and what’s more important, I had tons of inspiration to actually do all of that.

Well, next time I’m thinking I need some time off work, I’ll be more specific as to my physical well-being, as this has officially been the longest-playing virus in my life. During 2 weeks of being sick I went through all 5 stages during this time – denial (no, I am not getting sick, it’s just the dry air that makes my throat sore), anger (I hate this guy on the plane), bargaining (if I have another Day-quill, I can probably go out), depression (that’s it, no Christmas for me this year) and acceptance (so what if it’s the case?) – and then I figured out I needed to see the doctor, and the doctor figured out I needed antibiotics, and after 3 days I figured out I am feeling much better and there is still time to jump on that last wagon of the Christmas hassle. A lot of figuring out involved.


In just  5 days I can proudly say that I am 95% done with my Christmas shopping – just 2 gifts left, all of the packages have been wrapped and shipped worldwide, all of the cards are signed and mailed, stockings are up over the fireplace, window lights are out there,  Christmas tree is up too – and it’s been cold enough to start the fireplace season, so it adds to the atmosphere. Still have to catch up on hot cocoa with marshmallows, but that is only because I’ve eaten a bag of marshmallows I bought  for this cause even before I could think of hot cocoa.

Office Christmas hassle has been fun this year too.img_0840 Potluck, cubicle decoration contest, White Elephant game and of course ugly sweater competition. And then never-ending cakes, doughnuts, sweets in the kitchen – worst time ever to pledge sugar intake reduction. And the personalized Christmas gifts from colleagues and friends, that are so cute (gifts, not friends… joking, friends are cute too!), that you spend most of the day just smiling like a fool.

I could also have said that I’m playing the Christmas songs all these days, but believe it or not, by my 5th Christmas in the US I’ve officially had enough of Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring, snowing and blowing up bushels of fun…oh boy, it’s contagious.  So, no, I am not playing Christmas music this time, but one thing remains constant through the eternity…

Love Actually. One of these days I am curling under the throw and watching the best Christmas movie of all times.  (My husband just rolled his eyes real hard if he read this)

But what can I do, if…

Love actually is everywhere.

Happy Holiday Season!


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