2016 Is Soon To Become A History…

Before I knew it, December happened again…


Since I stopped going to Ukraine for New Year – and last time it happened was 2010, I feel like I’m missing out on what used to be the biggest holiday of my childhood. Neither Finns nor Americans are making such a big deal about the year changing. Not that they don’t celebrate, not at all, but the scale is not nearly the same as back in Ukraine where people start making plans for New Year night already in September.

However, the smell of the Christmas tree, cooking the traditional dishes and watching the Ukrainian TV (this one day a year when I do it) are kinda getting me in the mood. And as a part of the mood, here is my 2016 summary.

2016  for me wasn’t the most horrible year ever, since my family and my friends are all alive and healthy (more or less, rather more than less), and for this I am very grateful. Still, it wasn’t the most pleasant year and I am happy it is almost over.

The most memorable part of 2016: travels. There were familiar places (Canada, Oahu, New York, Miami, Paris, Lisbon, London) and new places (Big Island, Faro, Florence and Venice). Each of our trips was everything we could wish for emotions and experiences wise – and I am ever so grateful for this.

The warmest part of 2016: friends. My phonebook has few new phone numbers in it (which I am actually using) and this is one of the best gifts of the year. My Whatsapp conversations got few thousands messages longer and this is another precious gift. We had friends coming to meet us in Washington, Paris, Florence and Venice and those are the times to be remembered. We had friends we came to meet in New York and Canada, and these are the times to be remembered too. We had fun nights  throughout the year filled with food, jokes and good mood and I so much appreciate it.

The saddest part of 2016: few broken relationships. Lessons learned.

Broken promise part of 2016: being fit. I started strong and by the end of September my most intense exercise was a walk between Sephora and Pitango Gelato place in Reston Town Center. (it’s very close.). I’ll try to do better next year.

Proud part of 2016: my macarons and my blog. More so macarons,  though I am proud of writing at least once a month and keeping my blog kinda alive.

The most exhausting part of 2016: Work. I am so happy things have turned for the better few months ago and truly hope work will win some better category in 2017.

What I am most grateful for 2016: my husband who was there for me in all of the mess 2016 was. I love you more than I can say.

My hope for 2017 is to be a light-hearted and balanced year.

My wish for all of you is to have your 2017 mend everything 2016 broke, bring everything 2016 took and fulfill everything 2016 could not. Happy New Year, friends!


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