New York Is…

New York is…


…same driving distance taking you almost 2 hours one day and half an hour the next day.

…craziness of Times Square with the myriad of light boxes, gazillion of people and smell of pretzels.

…Times Square characters of topless Statue of Liberty and Hello Kitty (yes, Hello Kitty!) that reeks marijuana 10 feet away… Continue reading


Flip-flops In Winter? Why Not?

If there is one thing I am still struggling to understand about the Americans, it’s their relationship with the weather. Or rather, the connection between their clothes and the temperatures outside.


Before I came to the US, I used to determine how cold  or warm it was outside just by looking out of the window. People bundled up in scarves – damn cold, I am not going anywhere. Wearing jackets – I need a warm coat. Wearing t-shirts – I might grab a lighter jacket, just in case.But here in the US it is a wrong way to decide on what to wear. Continue reading