Flip-flops In Winter? Why Not?

If there is one thing I am still struggling to understand about the Americans, it’s their relationship with the weather. Or rather, the connection between their clothes and the temperatures outside.


Before I came to the US, I used to determine how cold  or warm it was outside just by looking out of the window. People bundled up in scarves – damn cold, I am not going anywhere. Wearing jackets – I need a warm coat. Wearing t-shirts – I might grab a lighter jacket, just in case.But here in the US it is a wrong way to decide on what to wear.

Yesterday was chilly and windy.  So chilly that I didn’t dare go skiing and instead put my ski pants on to go for a brief walk. And mind you, I spent a significant part of my life in Finland,  where “cold” is the word you use to describe all 4 seasons, you just use different denominators to specify the degree of cold.

Dressed in ski pants and ski jacket, I still looked like I was from House Stark while people around me didn’t wear anything more serious than shorts and yoga pants. And flip flops. Yes, flip flops, the universal American footwear, good for all seasons, all weathers and all occasions.

So, no more judging the weather by looking onto other people’s clothes. Grow up. Make your own judgments.


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