New York Is…

New York is…


…same driving distance taking you almost 2 hours one day and half an hour the next day.

…craziness of Times Square with the myriad of light boxes, gazillion of people and smell of pretzels.

…Times Square characters of topless Statue of Liberty and Hello Kitty (yes, Hello Kitty!) that reeks marijuana 10 feet away…

…you and your friend discussing how you will go to yoga class on Saturday morning and instead going out to eat crepes for breakfast and then hanging out in the sauna chatting.

…Brooklyn grocery store that makes you wonder if you fell into a rabbit hole and got transported back to Ukraine, because everything in that store – from people to the radio commercials screams motherland.

…Mixed feeling of relief when you realize you are still in the US. A bit of embarrassment that you feel this way.

…The selection of highest class shows – all within couple blocks radius, and you want to stay here for at least couple weeks to make sure you see them all.

… Unexpected combination of Cirque Du Soleil and Broadway show. Simply stunning.

…Absolutely ruthless parking fees. I can’t even tell you.

…Mind-blowing variety of food choices – and yet you end up in some mediocre sushi bistro (but only because you are time-constrained).

…People walking around wearing buttons telling you a story of their political views (Yes, it said FuckTrump! if you wondered).

…Deep-blue sky on a clear day and One World Trade Center covered in thick fog the night before.

Or at least, this is what New York was this past weekend.


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