TV January 2017

t seems it was January for as long as I can remember. It started on a very high note with me passing the big exam for my professional certification I was studying for for couple months and a few days later I passed the re-certification for the one I did few years ago.  Very content, relieved and proud, I decided it was time to relax a bit.


Next thing I knew I was glued to the TV. I think I spent more time in front of the screen for the past month than I did in past 5 years. And among my other accomplishments for January are:

  • The Good Place – I swallowed first season in a heartbeat and can’t wait for the next one. Kristen Bell is amazing there. She is amazing everywhere.
  • This Is Us – a friend of mine has been telling me about it since October and one January weekend I decided to give it a try.  10 Kleenexes later…. You get my point, right? I am a very light crier, does not take me long before the tears start rolling down my face – and boy, I cry every episode of this one.
  • Modern Family – please please don’t tell me you are not watching it. It’s hands down the most hilarious TV-series, in my book it even beats Seinfeld. The writers are incredibly witty and this is one of those shows you cannot watch on the background, because literally every phrase is not to be missed.
  • Bones – I started watching it even before I moved to DC, because they were showing a lot of DC. This season is their last one and it kinda shows. For the past couple seasons my husband tells me who the killer was after just 10 mins into the episode – but I am still watching out of respect.
  • The Divorce – Sarah Jessica Parker is old. Her soon-to-be ex-husband is disgusting. The rest of the characters are dull and plain. But I am watching to see if it can get even worse.
  • House of Cards – I know, I am like 3 years late, but I started watching it 10 days ago, I have 7 episodes left in season 4 (the last one by now) and I honestly can’t wait to be done with it because I need my life back. I mainly started watching because the 5th season is coming out in May and I am positive there will be allusions to the current presidency – and I am curious to see what they will be.

So yeah, this is pretty much how my January was. I finished one smaller cross-stitching while watching all these and started another giant one – it’s the only thing that kinda keeps me at peace with myself for being stuck in front of the TV for hours every day. We also went to the movies to watch La La Land and guess what, it was the first time in my left I left the movie theater in the middle of the movies, because I just could not waste another minute on it.

How was your January? Are you watching any of the above?


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