Bluemont Vineyards Or 951 Feet Above The Sea Level

By now I have almost surrendered to the fact that this winter won’t be white in Virginia.

Since we cannot enjoy winter activities this year, we decided to completely ignore the fact that it is still February and it’s still quite chilly outside, and headed to one of our favorite wineries just an hour drive from home.

Before I moved to Virginia, I had no idea the state is so big on wine, but soon I learned that there are over 280 wineries in the area, which means there is always a new place for you to go if you are love wine touring. I’m not a big wine connoisseur, and I pick wineries to go based on the scenery and food they serve,  and my husband, who knows a lot about wine and can tell zinfandel from cabernet-franc without looking at the bottle, puts a further filter on it .

The Bluemont Vineyard we drove to yesterday is located 951 feet above the sea level and offers a wonderful serene view over Northern Virginia. They also claim you can see a Washington Monument (a.k.a. the Pencil) in a clear day, but to be honest we never saw it.  The location up the hill is truly gorgeous – the mansion has 2 levels and a spacious lawn seating, and it’s pretty crowded during the warmer weather.  There were only a  few people there yesterday and all of them were inside by the fireplace, so we had patio seating almost all to ourselves. Almost, because we shared it with the  gracious vineyard cat, who first came to ask for some cheese, then tried to sip my peach wine from the glass, allowed us to pet her and snap few shots.

The sun was shining, the wind calmed down, the wine was delicious and paired well with the Italian flatbread they have recently added on the menu, we were away from urban and couldn’t enjoy it more.

We will go back many times this year, when it will be warm, when the farm down the hill will be open for berry and fruit picking and when the vineyard will have life music on the weekends. But I am  very happy we started the winery season of 2017 with this quiet and intimate visit.


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