Boatyard Bar and Grill: Annapolis Must Eat

America is known for big things. Houses, cars, distances, shopping malls, highways. But nothing annoys me more than big food portions.big-portion

When I was growing up, it was considered rude to leave anything on your plate – even if you are about to explode from all the food you’ve consumed. Between you parents sending you on a guilt trip reminding you about all the starving kids in third world countries and your party host driving you nuts with the question “Was the dish so bad that you don’t want to finish it?” you learned to eat up whatever was on your plate just to avoid all these interactions.

This habit played a bad trick on me when I moved to the US. It wasn’t until quite a few pounds later and all of our overseas guests, who were steadily shocked seeing the size of the plates in the restaurants that I realized that it’s time to drop the childhood habit of finishing whatever is on your plate, otherwise the consequences might be irreversible.

Yesterday we drove to Annapolis, MD for the change of scenery, fresh oysters and for allegedly the best crab cakes in the country at Boatyard Bar and Grill. Both of us were not big fans of crab cakes (until yesterday), but since the place was famous for them, we decided to split the dish. Oysters were $1 a piece, so each of us ordered a dozen. We also each asked for a bowl of Maryland crab soup to complete the experience. img_1978

Then the food arrived. Each of the crab cakes was the size of my fist, plus a pile of grilled veggies and a serious scoop of mashed potatoes and I said a little prayer for being smart and deciding to share the dish. The size of the “soup bowl” was at least three times more than I expected. And then I saw oysters and felt I was an Alice in a Wonderland, that took a bit from the side of the mushroom that made you shrink. See for yourself, it’s gigantic!

The dinner was great. The crab cakes were indeed the best we’ve ever had, the oysters were fresh and meaty and the soup I could not nearly finish. So if you are ever in Annapolis, Boatyard Bar and Grill is definitely a must go. Just make sure you go very hungry and it you order a soup, don’t do a bowl, do a cup. You still won’t be able to finish it, but at least you won’t waste as much. And  they ship their amazing crab cakes across the USA, if you want to know first hand why they are the best in the country.



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