Oh boy, what a year it has been…

Literally next day after my last blog post my life has changed forever as we learned we were expecting a baby. These wonderful news were immediately followed by the news of my dad passing away unexpectedly . When I say “immediately”, I mean within an hour. So, you can imagine the emotional rollercoaster I got on – and honestly still riding it.

2017 was a challenging year. Challenging physically, as my pregnancy wasn’t an easy one and took its toll on me. Challenging emotionally as I learned to deal with a loss of the parent and get used to the fact that soon I’ll become a parent myself. Challenging work-wise, as the moment I thought I finally got it the way I wanted and loved, things started changing and transforming again. Challenging personally as I started discovering new parts and sides of me.

In 2017 I got yet closer to the USA and now can officially call this country my home. Something for 2017 to be remembered by as well.

Despite all the jazz we still travelled. (Of course we did!). The itinerary for 2017 looked like this: New York, New York, Aruba, Seattle, New York again (didn’t happen though), Miami, France, Monaco, Switzerland and a bit of Austria, Italy, Germany and Liechtenstein in between. Haven’t been far from home since October (obviously) and am getting antsy to resume globe trotting next year – this time as a family of three. 🙂

Thinking of resolutions for 2017 – I honestly don’t have any. If there is one thing 2017 taught me, it’s that you can have it planned and envisioned all you want, but nature can throw a wrench and all your plans will evaporate and you better learn to adapt. So actually my resolution is to become less of a control freak. I think I had the same resolution for 2016 and 2017 too, which already says a lot about me keeping up with my resolutions.:)

And resume writing.

And travel.

And have fun.

And be a mom my sweet little Alessandra Olivia can enjoy and be proud of.

Happy New Year, friends! I wish for 2018 to become your best year so far!


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