Aruba: One Happy Island

One January night as we were enjoying a French dinner in New York with friends, we all decided we needed to take a trip together. Next thing I knew we had a villa and plane tickets booked and started our countdown.

Below are the 15 things that I will remember about Aruba.

  1. We stayed at the most amazing AirBnB  villa ever:
  2. I had my last cocktail for a while……as next day I learned I was going to be a mom:
  3. So I switched to healthy drinks:
  4.  I touched cacti twice my height:
  5. And learned that there is an own language in Aruba:
  6. We drove through a real desert…
  7. …and even built our own stone pyramid (well, kind of, added a stone or two!):
  8. We saw what they call Natural Bridge:
  9. And took a tram ride in downtown Oranjestad:
  10. Not only a ride, but also a stroll :
  11. Drove what seemed like for hours to visit some cave:
  12. And yes, it is a Dutch island:
  13. Ocean waters in Aruba are to die for:
  14. So are the sunsets:
  15. And OMG OMG OMG I touched a flamingo! Not just one, but quite a few. Bucket list item – DONE!

We most likely will be back one day as this cheesy photo suggests:)


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