Alessandra’s Third Month

In the early days of my pregnancy I read an article about the fourth trimester, which is basically the most difficult time in a life of the newborn and her parents. This is the time of great adjustment and struggle, when the baby adjusts to living outside the womb in a world full of new senses, smells, sounds, feelings and emotions. And parents adjust to the  new addition to the family, new sleep routine (or lack thereof :D), learning how to take care of the baby and how to cope with avalanche of emotions that come along with the baby.

Well, guess what… We made it!!! Alessandra is 3 months old today which means our fourth trimester is officially over!

During this month Ale grew and transformed a lot. She is no longer a wrinkly newborn who can hardly open her eyes – she looks like a little adorable baby girl who has enough hair to have a hair clip put on. Every time we are out with her, people are stopping me to tell  me how beautiful she is and my heart freaking melts with joy and pride.

She is very smiley and extremely talkative – too bad we don’t understand too much of what she is saying, but she is trying so hard to explain – even her eyebrows are involved when she speaks. They almost made friends with Alissa the Cat – Alissa watches Ale from our bed every morning and few times even lied down next to her.

We survived several milestones – the biggest ones being vaccinations, 6 and 12 weeks growth spurts. God bless Google that has all the info as to what is happening, how long it will be happening and what to do. I don’t know how our parents raised us without Google.

One thing that amazes me every day is the transformation that is happening to me. I remember cringing and snorting before when people said “You’ll understand this then you have a baby of your own.” I always thought: “I don’t need to jump off the roof to know it is dangerous, how is parenthood different?”. Well, parenthood is different and it is impossible indeed to convey or describe the kaleidoscope of love, fear, joy, guilt, pride, doubt and elation that comes along with the baby until you experience it.

My biggest struggle this month was and still is my sleep. Not Alessandra’s sleep, but mine – I developed a killer insomnia, which keeps me up late at night and does not let me go back to sleep after 3am feed, when Ale is sleeping peacefully. This is not fun at all, trust me. And I tried everything – long walks outside, no caffeine after 3pm, chamomile tea, heavy-weighted blanket (7kg/17pounds), melatonin and even cognac. The combination of all these makes me dread the nights a bit less than I did couple weeks ago, but it’s still far from old me who could sleep like a log as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I also once read that the experience of being a mom teaches you the time-management like no book or course would. So freaking true. You do learn to prioritize and you do learn to do a lot within a short time-frame.

Overall, right were those who told me things would get easier. (Pretty much everyone told me that:) ). They surely do. I am much more confident in all my actions, I can predict to some extent how she’s going to behave under different circumstances and plan around it. In short, I am regaining some control over my life back, and what could be better for a control freak like me?

When Alessandra was just 4 weeks old and I was still in the haze trying to understand what happened and what am I supposed to do with all this, a friend told me not to that by the time she reaches 3 months, I will be swept off my feet with the love I feel for her. Well, Ksyusha, if you are reading this, know how damn right you are. 😀

P.S. Alessandra’s eyes are still grey and her hair is still light-colored. I simply cannot!


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