Alessandra’s Fifth Month

If I ever wanted to pursue the career of a mom-blogger, I would fail miserably. Alessandra is only 5 months old and I am already a week late with the post commemorating and celebrating another month of her life.

This month was kinda rough on both of us. First time Ale got sick. First time I got sick when having a baby.  And of course, the dreaded 4 months sleep regression. I remember the week before Alessandra turned 4 months, I was waking up every morning, fresh as a rose, well-rested and ready to rock and roll and was thinking that I am getting way more sleep with a 3 months old baby than I was getting before.

“Muahaha!” – the sleep regression said……and literally next day after she turned 4 months, I was remembering those sweet nights with only 1 wake-up, with 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep with tears in my eyes. Actually, the tears were not visible – they were hiding under the eye-bags :D. As the 5 months mark was approaching, the things started to get better, but we are still nowhere near the blissful feeling of waking up well-rested. On the bright side, I can brag with reading literally all internet resources on the baby’s sleep. So, I am very well equipped theoretically, but practice.. hmmm….If you have any magic recipes to share how to make a 5 months old to sleep in at least 5 hours stretches, that would not include baby and parents crying their lungs out, I would be ever so grateful.

Other events include Ale starting her swimming classes – getting ready to the summer at the beach. It’s hard to say if she enjoys it, but it does not seem like she hates it either, so we take it as a good sign. She has also attended her first Birthday party and made the birthday girl worry a bit because her mom was holding Alessandra. But who wouldn’t want to squeeze this munchkin?

She enjoys her daycare and we already have 2 artworks by her. The other week we brought her home with one of her feet green from the paint – so we are expecting the third masterpiece soon. She clearly enjoys music and when people sing to her and kills me with her giggles when I am singing “The Adams Family” theme song to her in Ukrainian. She also smiles to everyone who smiles at her, and OMG, the way she flirts with her Dad is something else:). Smile, look aside, smile some more, sneak a peak at Dad, smile again. Repeat.

Me? Getting into the grove of being a working mom. Baking pies. Planting herbs and veggies. Trying to resume sports. Hanging out with friends. Making new acquaintances just based off the fact we both push strollers. Buying new clothes and toys for Alessandra on Amazon daily. Missng her when she is in the daycare. Holding her upside down to hear her giggles. Popping with pride when people tell me she is beautiful. Things are getting back to normal, new normal.

And she is even more blonde now. Like, blonde-blonde. The eyes are still grey, but we are seeing hints of hazel now.  And we love her to pieces.


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